Makoto Hirata
Photographer, writer/reporter, blogger (in Japanese)

October 2012 - 2013
Reporting London (Ontario) as Japansese blogger.

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December, 2012
Photographer/writer for Travel guide of London, Ontario at "Ontario Style (Ontario Tourism Japanese website)".

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December, 2012
Photo report on Grand Prix of Figure Skating Skate Canada International at Windsor.

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November, 2012
Photography for Peggy Baker Dance Projects, "Stereophonic" (Betty Oliphant Theatre | February 27 - March 3, 2013)

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October, 2012 - 2013
Photograher for Toronto Marlies.

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September, 2012
Globe Trotter Travel Guidebook (Chikyu-no-Arukikata) Canada Edition (2012-13).
Photographer for Aurora/ Yellowknife, cover story and photography.

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September , 2012
Photographer for "Peggy Baker Dance Projects", "Night Garden".

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July , 2012
Metro Toronto, July 23rd edition cover photo for Scotiabank Caribeean Carnival Toronto "PAN ALIVE", steel pan contest.

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March, 2012
Globe Trotter Travel Guidebook (Chikyu-no-Arukikata) Eastern Canada Edition (2012-13).
Photographer for Toronto area feature story.

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March 2012 - Dec 31.
Photographer/blogger for Tourism Toronto Japanese.

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SinceApril, 2011
Evangelist for RICOH GXR (compact unit digital camera) & EventJot ( Photo/twitter application for iPhone/Android ).

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